Monday, October 22, 2012

Winner winner chicken dinner!

Well, not really but you get the idea!  The winner of the $10 GC to any ebook retailer is..... ( drum roll ).....


Woot! I'll email you!

Thank you to all of those who commented and offered up advice! ( BTW, winner was picked using )

I have been trying to add a progress bar on the page so that my word count is shown for each new book I am working on.  Problem is that HTML and codes seem to be outside my grasp of understanding.  Therefore, I shall have to research and figure it out before I throw my laptop across the room.

As of right now I am a little over 9200 words into book two of my "Moonlight Lovers" series.  That might change so don't quote me yet!

As soon as that is done I need to dive into book three! The plan is to have them release one month after another.  Of course I'll make sure to update as soon as I get release dates.

Next post I'll post some of my favorites songs to listen to while writing.

Hope you all have a fabulous week!


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

HELP! I'm a virgin.....

OK, not really.  But I am when it comes to blogging and websites and all this cool stuff that people use to promote themselves.  I am on Twitter, but in more of a stalker kind of way not in an actively talking to myself kind of way.  And I am on Facebook a lot in various groups and posting half naked men. I knew that would get your attention.

Point being, I'm going to be releasing the first of three novellas in a series.  In case you didn't know it's my first release EVER! I'm way excited and really want to be successful.  That's why I need your help!

Other than giveaways, why do you read blogs?  What draws you to a blog?  Is it smutty pictures, or excerpts or just to find out about the author?  I need ideas! Oh, and what turns you off?

So here is my very first giveaway, in my very first blog post! Wow, I really do feel like a virgin again.  Leave a comment with an idea what I can do to be awesome and make my blog awesome and I'll randomly select a winner for a $10 GC to whatever ebook retailer you'd prefer. I'll draw the winner on Sunday at midnight.