Thursday, February 7, 2013

Books in 2012

Dude, it's February?! When the hell did that happen?

Despite my obvious lack of attention to time flying, I thought I'd talk about books from 2012.  I managed to read 134 per my tracking on Goodreads.  That's a super low number for me, but I did manage to write a couple of my own books and other various short stories.  In 2011 I read a little over 200 books and the year before I read over 250.  And yes, my house was a wreck.  

Back to 2012, let's talk about the highlights.  Though I am a writer of smexy I am a reader and fan first.  Always.

Fav new to me authors and their series:

Jenn LeBlanc- The Rake and the Recluse, six part serial novel. Great stuff, and it has photos! Seriously.
Samantha Kane- Brother in Arms series.  It's all M/M/F and historical.  Yes please!
Victoria Vane- The Devil DeVere series.  Super hot historical erotica.  Yum!
Cherise Sinclair- The Masters of the Shadowlands- HEAVY BDSM, not really my thing but great anyway.
Pamela Clare- MacKinnon's Rangers series- Historical French Indian war, great writing & characters.
Suzanne Collins- The Hunger Games.  Yes I caved and read them. And am glad I did. So heavy!

Fav authors and new to me series:

Sylvia Day- The Crossfire Series.  If you don't know what this is, well that's sad.  AH MAY ZING!
Shayla Black- Doomsday Brothern series. Finally read this and loved them! Ohhh Shock!
Lauren Dane- Brown Siblings series.  Love this family.  Emotional and not to heavy.
Olivia Cunning- One Night with Sole Regret series- Holy raunchy and awesomeness!

Fav authors and continuing series:

Larissa Ione- The Lords of Deliverance series. Seriously, this author can do NO wrong with me. EVER.
Maya Banks- KGI series. Love love love.  Though Shades of Grey was really hard to get through.
Heather Rainier- The Divine Creek Series.  Still hot, still loving and still interesting.
Kate Pearce-House of Pleasure series.  I still love this series.  So effin dirty! LOVE!
Sophie Oak- Nights in Bliss series.  I still want to live here.  Love the humor and drama.
Shannon K. Butcher- Sentinel Wars series.  Fabulous series that it very UF.
Elisabeth Naughton- The Eternal Warriors series- Adore the Greek mythology entwined here
Bella Andre- The Sullivans series.  I effin love this family and it's pretty hot for non Erotic Rom.
Lara Adrian- Midnight Breed Series.  Still love this series.  Sterling was great.
J.R. Ward- BDB series.  Nuff said.

Honorable mentions:

Becca Fitzpatrick- Hush, Hush series.  Not sure why I read it, but it was okay I guess.
Kris Cook- Secret Diary series & Cupid's Arrow.  I really liked these titles.
Jennifer August- Keys to Submission.  Sexy historical that was witty and well written.
P.C. Cast- House of Night series. Yes I read it. No I don't know why. Still.
Chloe Neill-Chicagoland Vampires series.  Love Ethan.  Threw my Kindle after previous book.  I know.
Shelley Laurenston-Pride series.  Um, duh.
Jaci Burton- Play by Play series.  Have you SEEN the covers?  Yeah, I have those in paperback.

I read other books of course but I am a series whore.  No, really.  You couldn't tell could you.

Anyway, here is my Goodreads for you to look at.  I'm pretty pleased with my 2013 books so far.

What did you read last year?