Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day-Are you for or against?


It's a beautiful, terrible thing.

Some of us are lucky enough to find it while others are still searching.  Both are totally acceptable of course, but then there is a sub genre in both categories isn't there?

Yes, I am talking about the lover and the haters of V-day.  Whether single or coupled, there are just some people in the world that either adore the holiday or loath it.

I hate it personally.  I know you're saying- "But Morgan, you write romance!"

I know! But I cant help but hate a day that has over the years become more commercialized and annoying then it is meaningful.  It's a day where our significant others feel overly pressured to show us love by buying us flowers, chocolates and other do-dads.  My own personal opinion? I'd prefer my significant other to wash the dishes or rub my feet or even take care of the laundry for a week.  Not to say I don't love receiving flowers, but I'd rather get them randomly not whenever the prices are increased by 50% or more and every other minute someone reminds them. I also can't stand behind a day that makes most of the single population depressed because they don't have anyone special.

Of course I buy my kids a little bucket of goodies and stuffed animals they don't need but, well they are kids and love that stuff.  I do not celebrate it but don't look down and anyone that does.  I mean, hello? My dream job is all about love and romance! I love love and romance but I prefer it everyday and twice on Sundays. ;-)

So I decided that it was a good of a time as any to do a giveaway.  I put together two prize packs- one for the lovers and one for the haters.

Package A-Lovers
ARC of Talk to the Moon- my upcoming release on 2/22
Sunrise-prequel to Talk to the Moon
V-day chocolates
Love You More Than magnets
Nighty Night red satin eye mask/blindfold
White w/ Hearts purse hanger
Durex "Ring of Pleasure" for couples

Package B-Haters
ARC of Talk to the Moon- my upcoming release on 2/22
Sunrise-prequel to Talk to the Moon
Non-V-day chocolates
Keep Calm and Drink Wine magnets
Black and White pens
Colorful purse hanger
Batteries ( wink wink )

This giveaway is US residents only, please.   Ends Saturday, 2/15 at midnight MST.  Winners chosen randomly by Rafflecopter.

Be sure to head on over to my Facebook page ( or below ) to enter and share with your fellow lovers or haters!

Oh and Happy Valentine's Day. =)


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